Understand what drives
your ticket volume

Get value from your support conversations

root cause analysis for your support queue

Focus your analysis

Focus on your top issues one category of tickets at a time. Userchamp connects to your helpdesk and pulls a sample of tickets for analysis.

identify root causes

Identify new root causes and keep track of existing ones. Work efficiently by analyzing samples of  tickets to identify the most important next steps.

Suggest actions

Analysis without action is pointless. Userchamp is structured to help your analysis have the maximum impact.
Templates and best practices help you share actionable suggestions.

integrates with

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Price per month


single issue analysis

  • Connect to Zendesk or Help Scout
  • 20 or 50 email sample size
  • Analyze one ticket category per analysis
  • Share results by email


Team analysis

  • Connect to Zendesk or Help Scout
  • Custom sample size
  • Analyze multiple ticket categories per analysis
  • Delegate categories to different team members
  • Aggregate results for multiple ticket categories
  • Create actions in project management tool
  • Track and compare analyses
Zendesk or Help Scout
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UserChamp Is For

Support teams sit on a goldmine of information that can help other teams. Information coming straight from users with all the rich and messy context that brings. But colleagues in other teams are not necessarily aware of that and often need to be shown how support conversations and support teams can help them achieve their goals. Have you talked to your colleagues in sales and marketing about how support conversations can help them achieve their goals? What information is most useful to them?

How can support help the rest of the company?

“What people love about the product and why some people decide not to buy it after trying. That allows marketing and sales to figure out who to sell to. Next is what do people want in the product that we didn’t consider. That allows product to build features to get more customers.”

Chris Bennett, CEO Soldsie

Want to share learnings from your support conversations?

Support teams sit on a goldmine of information that can help other teams. Information coming straight from users with all the rich and messy context that brings. Exactly the type of information product teams need. Getting a constant flow of bug reports and feature requests is a natural extension of the conversation support teams have with customers every day. Getting insight into where users see the biggest value in a product and how they describe that value is extremely useful for teams working to identify and attract new customers.

Want to get tips on better product feedback?

Sales teams operate in a hectic environment and rarely have time to look beyond the targets they have to hit today. Even if there’s information sitting in the next team over that could help them hit their quotas for the month or the quarter. So much time is spent putting out fires and managing urgency that they are rarely able to put in the time to go talk to support teams about things that could help them close deals. 

One of the most common questions when talking to business customers about a tool or service is “how do other businesses like mine use it?” Support can help answer that question.
Onboarding material used after a customer signs on often works very well as part of the sales process and it’s an area where sales and support or customer success can really help each other. Stories about the moment a customer really finds her stride with a product are also golden for the sales team to use as examples when talking to potential new customers.

What can sales teams learn from support?

“Getting insight into what users use or like the most, and where they see the highest value for the product. There is always a WOW moment with a happy customer: ‘Wow that’s gonna save or make me so much time or money’. If you are able to identify those moments and give that to the sales and marketing teams to shape the sales message… it will really help!”

Jorge Bestard, Growth Manager, Olapic

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